Financial Services

Data Analytics and Machine Learning for the Financial Services Industry

Harness the power of big data and AI to deliver highly tailored financial services while minimizing risk and fighting fraud

Financial Services
Financial Services
Financial Services
Financial Services
Financial Services

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Data Analytics and AI

Enable financial services companies 
to leverage data analytics, machine learning and AI to make smarter, faster decisions that reduce risk and protect against fraud — powered by the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform.

Mitigate Risk

Detect fraud, financial abuse, cyber 
security threats, money laundering 
and reduce financial risk

Improve Investments

Maximize returns with AI- powered 
insights based on billions of 
market signals and data points.

Personalize Experiences

Deliver the right financial products 
and guidance at the right time with 
real-time analytics and AI.


Reinventing insurance with ML-powered actuarial modeling

Nationwide leverages data analytics and deep learning to improve insurance pricing with Databricks


Build Better Financial Services with Data Science at Scale

Read this ebook to learn how to unify big data and AI in the financial services industry


Use Machine Learning to Reduce Risk in Your Financial Portfolio

This ebook will walk you through a practical end-to-end Machine Learning use case to do loan risk analysis using Databricks and XGBoost.

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FINRA Protects the Securities Markets with Data Management and AI at Scale

Learn how FINRA processes and analyzes up to 100 billion stock market events per day to identify fraud powered by Databricks and Apache Spark™

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Simplify Streaming Stock Data Analysis Using Databricks Delta

Build an end-to-end pipeline capable of analyzing large volumes of streaming and historical stock price data in real-time while maintaining ACID compliance

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Transaction Processing and Analytics 200% Faster

Learn how CardinalCommerce, owned by Visa, adopted the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform to improve their ETL pipelines and power their machine learning for payment authentication and fraud detection services

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Improving Investment Decisions with Machine Learning

Find out how Omega Point improved the productivity of their data science and engineering teams and reduced costs by 75% to deliver machine assisted insights on Databricks

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"Databricks' world-class product, Spark expertise. and quality of service has made them an indispensable partner in building a product with Apache Spark. "

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Omer Cedar, CEO, Omega Point

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